Friday, July 4, 2008

Shot of the day

Land Rover Playground 1
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Iceland Land Rovers

I first saw an Iceland Land Rover over at gpalmason's Flickr page.

Next I ran into a few at
Kiddi Kristán's Flickr page (which is spectacular, even when there are no Land Rovers involved :-) ).

Fascinated, I trawled a bit further, and found a whole pile of Landys - and some Icelandic trends:

They're pretty distinctive with their oversize tyres. Some of them even come in extra-wide to balance it out, like this one which was widened completely by 30cm along its length:

(It's not just the Land Rovers that look like this - vehicles of all kinds are "butched up")

They're great for playing in the snow - but can you imagine trying to park that at the mall???!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

But is it a Land Rover?

The new "ultra-luxury" Range Rover has been launched.

Yes, it's pretty, but is it a LAND ROVER? If you drive an old, clonky, solid, chassis-mounted beast with nothing electronic in sight (such as I do), you'll know what I'm talking about...

Has Land Rover lost the plot?

Before and After

Land Rovers are marvelous beasts. For one thing, they're like giant Mecano sets - you can take them apart and put them back together again a different way, and they're still Land Rovers. Just about every bit bolts off and can be replaced. Which is often a very good thing...

A while ago Magnus had a bit of an accident. Here's his Defender before:

...and here's the after!

Fortunately he didn't suffer similar damage. In fact, Land Rovers are tough - and they protect those who drive them too. It's one of the reasons I'm happy to drive such a huge hunk of heavy metal.

Anyway - being a Land Rover, you don't just discard it (that would hurt its feelings!) - instead you fix it. His truck went through quite the process:

But she did come out looking beautiful on the other side.

Good as new again.

Shot of the day

Hawes, Yorkshire Dales
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Welcome to Land Rover PrOn

I'm a complete and utter Land Rover nut. Love the trucks, love the marque, got a Series III, occasionally get to drive in comfort in a Discovery II. My Landy has her own Blog, but this one's dedicated solely to Land Rovers of all varieties.

Here you'll find a passion for Landys, their mods, their look, their personalities, and the people who they own. Above all, you'll find enough pics to feed any Land Rover fetish you may have lurking in the backround.

Welcome to Land Rover PrOn!